10 Things a person should not do while traveling in India

India is an extensive country. People from all across the world come to this beautiful country and travel the length and breadth and yet theres always something left to be explored. It’s the yoga capital of the world. But being such a hugely populated country with so many religious and political faiths has its own disadvatnages. One needs to take care of a few important things when travelling  in this beautiful country:

Don’t oppose Religions

India is a sacred country. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that there are more temples than human beings. Every state has its own religion, language, rituals etc. You need to take care of so many things while travelling in India. You should not oppose any religion because you don’t know the person sitting next to you belongs to which Religion. India is a country where you will find Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christians and a lot of other Communities also. Not surprising for a country so different and so exotic there are some huge differences in culture here from what you might expect in First World countries like USA, UK or Australia. Many travellers experience a dose of culture shock and unknowingly make some cultural faux pas.

Don’t Oppose Political Parties.

India is Democratic country. Many political leaders have risen to ranks that make them powerful by not just their contribution in  terms of development but also through their alliances and contacts with other powerful people. Political parties have their youth leaders, who support them during Elections, Festive seasons also. While travelling you should take care of this thing also. If you are favouring one political party and opposing the other this may turn  into a debate. Every political party has played their own role and worked at their levels. India may seem united and secular but there are many cracks and crevices and it is best you avoid discussing sensitive topics like Kashmir, religious divide and political affiliation while in India, chances are you’ll enrage someone.

Don’t carry Jewels.

India is a country where unemployment is higher than any other developed country. People are either lazy and don’t want to work or are not qualified enough to get jobs.. They may earn 1 time food from any of the unethical sources but not though respectable means of employment. . Most of the uneducated people indulge in robbery . They earn their living from this. Public places are their main point of attraction where they get most of their targets. Its advisable not to carry jewels and other important accessories or gadgets which may cause a great loss. Artificial jewelry is a good option to wear in place of real jewelery. You can use lockers of the hotels or hostels where you are staying and for money, instead of carrying bundles of cash, you could carry credit cards or rely upon ATMS.

Don’t Carry Original ID proofs.

Yu should not carry original id poofs while travelling. Due to multiple cases of theft with travellers, I would like to suggest that colour copies will work. Due to any reason if you may lose your passport, then this will lead to police case. You will not be able to recover your passport soon. This may leave a hole in your pocket too, as this would mean long procedures for passport recovery , bribing officials for the same and this will add up to your Staying Cost also. In case of Emergencies, note the local numbers like 100, 101 and others numbers also which can come in handy.

Avoid oily food.

While travelling in India you will taste a lot of street food which is lifeline of common man and of the youth. Bombay Vadapav, Gujrati thali, Punjabi Cholle kulche are one of the many delicious cuisines of India. But every one can’t have this kind of food. This may lead to stomach problems. Digestive problems can have you hitting the rest stop, gas station bathroom, or airplane lavatory more than you care to. Significant changes in your eating habits, not drinking enough fluids, and even just the stress of traveling can result in digestive problems from constipation to traveler’s diarrhea, heartburn, and gas.

Don’t Carry Heavy Luggage.

While travelling you should not carry lot of  luggage. You can’t carry those heavy bags to each and every place and if you want to travel in India then you need to change your hotels according to the place you want to visit. Choose a light weight bag or a suitcase with wheels. Carrying a heavy luggage may cause strain and sprains. This will ruin your whole trip and you may go back with unhappy and sad memories. Bag packs are an essential part of a travellers life. They are easy to carry and are strong enough to rely upon.

Don’t wear Heels

Heels are one of the basic needs of a Woman but be careful in case of travelling. You may need to walk whole day to visit all different places, which needs perfect shoes. Walking in heels can be painful. Covered Fleets are one of the most comfortable foot wears and are easy to carry as they take less space in your bags. Sport shoes are best partners for travellers. Carry more than one pair of footwear. They are helpful because you dont know much about the weather of India. You may travel in winter, then you will need shoes and if its rainy season then you will need Slippers .

Don’t wear skinny and Bright clothes.

Indians are conservative by nature and customs are still given priority over comfort. It doesn’t matter, if it’s sweltering hot outside, if women or men (for that matter) have not much to cover them, they will be stared at. Bikinis have found their way to the beaches of Goa and metro cities are gradually opening up to the right to dress, however these are only a handful of places and it is always better to take precautionary measures . If you are “dressed up” in short or tight clothes, make sure you are travelling in a group of trusted people at all times, better safe than sorry.

Don’t carry large Denominations

While travelling you will need currency in small denominations. ATMs are usually the best way to get money in India, the networks on islands or in remote places can go down for days at a time. Machines often do capture cards; many banks won’t mail them to international addresses. For peace of mind, you need backup forms of currency.

Your choices for getting money while traveling in India , usually limited to these options,

-Using local ATMs

-Exchanging money from home for local currency

-Using a credit card for cash advances

-Cashing in traveler’s cheques.






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