13 things to do in Jaisalmer

Cities in Rajasthan are known for their grandeur, rich heritage, and legacies of their erstwhile rules. While this is surely an attraction for many, it might get a few to believe that it all but sums up what Jaisalmer has to offer. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong! Jaisalmer has been attracting tourists from across the world and with good reason too. Here is the list of things to do in Jaisalmer and that will leave you with great experiences and memories.

Desert SafariDesert Safari

A trip to Jaisalmer is incomplete without experiencing the Desert Safari. The safaris mostly involve humped camel rides in the desert and allow you to closely experience the dunes, appreciating how nature has gifted camels to survive such harsh conditions. The sunsets here leave the desert looking golden and the sky orange. The desert camps welcome you, serving delicious snacks with tea, while you enjoy local artists perform. The buffets served in the nights by the bonfire are of local Rajasthani cuisine – known to tantalize taste buds. While lost in those flavors, don’t forget to capture a memory of the starry nights. Truly an experience of a life time; and a favorite of visitors since ages.

Visit the Indo-Pak Border

The Indo-Pak border is everyone’s point of interest and curiosity and if given a chance, who would want to miss this important point of security in the country; an international borderline. Located near the Tanota Mata temple, about 350 km’s from Jaisalmer, a visit to the Indo-Pak border is only possible after proper permission and permit from the Indian Military. Near the LOC, one can see the check posts, the watch tower of BSF and the fencing wires of the Indian side of the border. The Indo-Pak border is surely not to be missed when in Jaisalmer.

Golf and Archery Academy 


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Most children grow up reading about Robin Hood. Well, this probably is your best chance to actually be him. This Jaisalmer Academy boasts of Olympic level coaches who teach you to shoot arrows at a target placed at 20 feet. The equipment on offer is equally impressive. Once you have shot arrows to your heart’s content, do tee off at the golf course, with course designs to suit amateurs and world class professionals. Fret not if you are a fresher to the game as there are coaches who offer personalized guidance. The desert in the backdrop makes the lush green course contrast beautifully to the sand dunes.

Para motoringParamotoring

A must try adventure activity for adventure junkies; Para motoring will make your trip to Jaisalmer memorable. Fly high in the sky, glide with the desert birds in a motor-powered vehicle and soak in the panoramic view of the sand dunes and click mesmerizing pictures from high above. To make this activity safe, the pilot of the vehicle will be controlling the vehicle for you.

Parasailing Parasailing

Treat your mind and soul to a bird’s eye view of the vast desert, sand dunes and endless pits of land. Let the wind be your guide and soar high in the sky. Soak in the experience! The crew on the ground controls your guide for your complete safety.

Rock climbing and zip lining

Rock Climbing

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For the adventure lovers, here’s a high octane activity – one that is sure to get you feeling dizzy. The city offers rock climbing to test your fitness, determination, and perseverance across different rock faces, each of varying difficulty. Also available is a zip line across 250 meters at a height of 60 feet. The young ones get their own zip line; one that is 70 feet long and not that ‘zippy’.

Quad Biking

 With options to choose from 200 CC or 520 CC 4×4 and 50CC bikes for kids, Quad biking is another thrilling experience for tourists in Jaisalmer. Ride in an enclosed circuit or explore the jungle trails of Rajasthan with quad biking and cover a distance of about 2kms inside the jungle and its surrounding area. The whirlpool of dust created by quad bike adds to the thrill. You could ask a friend to snap a few photographs too.

Dune Bashing

Wanting to experience dune bashing in the desert but got no plans to visit the Gulf or Dubai in the near future? Not to worry. Dune bashing is a sport not just limited to the Arabs and in the Gulf. Experience the adventure of dune bashing in the sand dunes of Thar Desert, amidst the yellow sands and the daylight hues. The Sam sand dunes are thronged by scores of adventure junkies wanting to experience the thrill of off-roading and dune bashing.

Jeep Safari

If camels are too slow for your taste, and you’d want to avoid the heat, there are jeep safaris that take you into the desert and let you see the endless sea of sand. The safaris allow you to explore the desert wildlife and culminate with a tea and snacks while you enjoy the local artisan puppet show.


Photography Tour Photography tour

Being a very photogenic city, this is a must for all visitors. Take a guided tour into the city, where the focus remains on capturing moments through the camera lens. Since you are in an enthusiastic group, you can compare the shots taken, exchange photography tips and also photos as a token of thanks. The guides are usually aces at handling the camera themselves and very knowledgeable of the local history too. Do invest in the widest wide camera lens that you can afford to since the desert shots during sunset are worth millions!


Shopping at Local Bazaar 

Well, you haven’t really been to a place if you haven’t indulged in some therapy at local markets. Jaisalmer is renowned known for its puppets in the world, and other local handicrafts and camel leather goods. Yellow sandstone decorative items and brass ornaments are frequently bought by visitors. The government run Khadi store in Seema Gram is a must visit, especially since you won’t need to worry about bargaining, unlike other local markets.

Boating in Gadisar Lake

Being a desert city, it feels great to be able to access a lake as large as Gadisar. Pedal boating in the cool lake is rather relaxing and rather inexpensive. Make sure to strap on the life jackets and carry your camera along with you. The water is said to be sparkling and a family attraction.

Paint ball 


The paint balling facilities in Jaisalmer rival the best in the world, with most equipment imported from Germany. The terrain where it is played mimics that of a mini war zone. In case you haven’t ever paint balled before, worry not, the instructor and support staff will teach you and give you tips too. While you play, the cameras capture snaps for memory. And since the place is visited by many, splitting up into teams is not a challenge.


Clearly, there is a whole lot to do in Jaisalmer. While taking in the rich beauty and heritage of the city, it allows you some of the unique experiences in the world.at rates far lower than most. So what is it that you are waiting for? Pack up already!

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