25 Best museums in Bali you must visit at least few

If you go to Bali you must visit its museums out there.They add much needed creative and antique flavor to your trip. In this Post, we will give u the list of best museums in Bali.

  1. Bali Museum

  2. Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA)

  3. Neka Art Museum

  4. Don Antonio Blanco Museum

  5.  Gedong Kirtya Library & Museum

  6. Upside Down World

  7. Puri Lukisan Museum

  8. Le Mayeur Museum

  9. Museum PASIFIKA

  10.  Museum Semarajaya

  11. Museum Purbakala

  12. Museum Le Mayeur

  13. DMZ Museum

  14. Five Art Studio

  15. Museum Trick Art 3D

  16. Museum of Fingerprint Paintings

  17. Gedong Kertya Museum

  18. Fantasea Bali Shell Museum (Kuta)

  19. Museum Subak

  20. Museum Rudana

  21. Museum Buleleng

  22. Nyoman Gunara Museum

  23. Museum Kain

  24. Museum Cartoon Indonesia

  25. Museum of Marketing 3.0

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