Best travel tips while travelling with a baby

Best travel tips while travelling with a baby

Travelling is probably the best way to rejuvenate yourself and get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and the mundane routine. But travelling with a baby in your arms isn’t an easy task. It needs a lot of planning, preparation and patience. Otherwise, this break can turn into a chaos and stress you out more. To have a smooth and peaceful break, here are 10 travel tips to help you with a smooth holiday:


  1. Plan ahead: When travelling with toddlers, it is important to start planning in advance. Gone are the days when you could just pack your bags and go on an impromptu adventure with your partner, friends or alone. With toddlers being by your side, you need to plan well in advance about when can you take off on a trip and what place would suit them the best. Its best to list down places that have lots of parks, wild life sanctuary or similar places that would keep your baby interested. List down options and choose the best option for your baby.


  1. Book in advance: Ofcorse, needless to say, you do not want to arrive unannounced at a hotel or a homestay only to find no accommodation available and hit the road again. Its best that once you have finalised your destination, book your travel tickets and accommodation in advance. Choose a hotel or homestay that is kid-friendly and has all necessary facilities for a comfortable stay with your child. In case of a hotel accommodation, choose one which has activities and medical facilities available.


  1. Be prepared for the weather conditions: Travelling with your little one may be something you might be looking forward to and excited about, but there’s a lot of care that needs to be taken care of babies. Babies are sensitive to weather changes and hence, you need to choose your travel destination very carefully. Check up about what the weather condition would be like of the place during your time of travel and be prepared for any unexpected change in the weather. Carry woollens, if you are going to a cold place. And read up about the usual climatic condition of that place and be prepared well before you travel.


  1. Pack the medicines: You should always be ready for anything and everything when travel with a baby. Kids are sensitive and a slight change in the weather or food or anything can make them sick. Its always advisable to take up accommodation at a place close to a medical clinic or hospital but its not always possible. Hence, pack all necessary medicines that you think your child might need. If your baby is prone to allergy or asthama or any reaction, but hasn’t had them in a long time, still carry those medicines. Its always better to be precautious.


  1. Pack light: While travelling with kids, it is important to keep your baggage to the minimum possible. Depending on how young your little one is, carry essentials for them like diapers, clothes to be changed before/after food, and a baby sling. But make sure to pack light. It is suggested that you try and take 2 bags only. One which can have all your and your partner’s clothes and one for your baby. You do not want to be tugging luggage around, with a baby in your hand.


  1. Keep them involved: Kids are not easy to handle and when travelling, you do not want to spend most of your time pacifying them if they get cranky or throw a fit or just get bored. Its best to keep them involved. You can divide spending your day doing things that would relax you like sightseeing, shopping, sipping coffee at the best cafes and trying out the local food. But at the same time, keep in mind to keep your child involved. Take them to zoos, park, keep family games ready in mind in case you feel your child is getting bored and about to throw a tantrum.


  1. Don’t rush them: The best way to keep your child happy and completely trouble-free is to not rush them. While this holds true for every day, but this needs to be taken care of specially when on a holiday. You do not want to torture your little one by rushing them into eating food or fussing that he is giving you a tough time. Remember, this is a much-needed change for you and it’s a change for your baby as well. Keep things as peaceful and smooth with your baby as possible.


  1. Baby Meals: While you do not need to give up on your love for exploring and trying as many local foods that you can, it is your toddler you need to be careful about. Carrying healthy snacks, formula and mineral water bottles from back home will make sure your baby sticks to home food and doesn’t catch any stomach infections. Make sure to carry healthy snacks, formula, and mineral water bottles for your little one. And make sure to feed your baby well before leaving the hotel room and at regular intervals.


  1. Stick to routine: You are at a new place which is a big change from the monotonous, mundane routine back home. It is a much needed break for u but for your toddler, it is a new place, one he isn’t familiar with and hence, its not home. To make sure your kiddo doesn’t create a fuss, stick to routines that you would back home. If your baby cannot sleep in a new place, and you are planning to carry a portable travel bed, make sure you make him habituated to sleeping in it a few days before your travel, to make it familiar to him. If your baby’s sleep time routine includes a bath, bottle, and lullabies, stick to it.


  1. Plan romantic dinners earlier: While the idea of a romantic date usually brings the image of night set-ups, candle light dinners and everything else that you can imagine, but the important thing to remember here is that you are travelling with a toddler in your arms. And hence, you need to plan your romantic date accordingly. Instead of the usual 8pm dinner, plan it early at 6pm. This way, you will get an empty restaurant and a helpful staff that may help keep the baby entertained while you can enjoy your romantic time with your spouse.


  1. Unpack and set up the hotel room: Now that you are in a new place, it might be difficult for your baby to sleep or adjust to the set up. Hence, its good to unpack as soon as you arrive at the hotel room and set up things as they are usually back home. If you have a portable travel cot for your little one and it is usually filled with toys for him, do that. Arrange your clothes in the wardrobe and keep the room temperature and light as it is back home.




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