12 Most important travel tips for solo female travellers

Travelling is the best thing that happened to mankind, of-course after animals that love us unconditionally. They say the more you travel, the more you grow. Travelling takes you places you never knew existed and lets you experience and be part of new cultures and traditions. It opens the doors of your heart and mind and brings you closer to yourself. It changes you in many ways. Most of which begin to make you feel happy and contented and self-aware.When we travel in a group, we miss out on time to be by ourselves, sit and introspect, feel aware of our innermost feelings and thoughts. Hence, travelling solo is the best gift you can give yourself. But when travelling alone as a female, there are a lot of precautions you need to take. And it can become the most enriching experience of your life. Here are the 12 best tips for solo female travellers.  Continue Reading →